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Patient Stories

Remember, you are not alone. Here, patients and their caregivers share their personal cholangiocarcinoma stories, and discuss how molecular profiling played a part in their journeys.

Image of Angela

Ángela & Pedro's Story

“Biomarker testing is crucial in this process. It made a huge difference in the management plan that Pedro has received.”

Learn about Ángela’s experience as Pedro’s wife and caregiver and the role molecular profiling played in her loved one’s story.

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Image of Marisa

Marisa’s Story

“If a person were to ask me when they should have molecular profiling done, I would say as soon as possible upon the first biopsy.”

Marisa is a nurse who became a CCA patient. Read about her diagnosis and experience with molecular profiling.

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Image of Robin

Robin’s Story

“The information from molecular profiling has been an important part in helping to determine my care plan moving forward.”

Find out about Robin’s experience with CCA, including her diagnosis and how molecular profiling fit in with her care plan.

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Image of Libby

Libby's Story

“We learned about the importance of molecular profiling.”

Find out about Libby’s diagnosis with intrahepatic CCA, and how she discovered molecular profiling.

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Image of Abbey

Abbey's Story

“It felt like we had a bit of a road map, some additional information that would help guide our difficult, scary, and confusing journey.”

Learn about Abbey’s experience as Libby’s caregiver, and the role molecular profiling played in her loved one’s story.

Read more about Abbey’s story >

Image of Coming Soon

Tony & Valerе's Story

Another patient story coming soon

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